Sports Coaching Fund

The Foundation is working with the School to fulfil the vision for the development of Sport and to culminate in a sustainable strategy for success for Sherborne sport.

The vision is to deliver a three to five year strategy that promotes:

• An opportunity for boys to find a sport that they can continue into adult life
• A striving for excellence
• A sports programme for the School that follows a continuum
• A sports programme that provides a breadth of experience and an opportunity for all.

The ultimate aim is to be regarded as one of if not the top sporting school(s) in the country with all boys achieving the best they can at whatever level in whatever sport they choose. Sport at Sherborne sits within the parameters of a school environment where boys can undertake high quality academic, musical and theatrical as well as sporting activity for the full duration of a boy's time at the School.

Sherborne has succeeded with the first stages of this plan.  The School continues to harness the natural enthusiasm of Shirburnians, complementing that with carefully targeted investment in facilities such as new all weather cricket nets.

The School continues to invest in academic staff training for sports, as well as targeted recruitment of sporting ability among the new academic staff members. In addition we have a Sports Working Group comprising of Old Shirburnians and parents in sport who have been able advise and help with contacts and ideas for low cost help.

The sports programme is providing opportunities:

• For competition across all sports at a variety of levels, including at National level

• To learn the valuable lessons offered by tours and pre-season training

• To be in an environment where participation and the expectation that one strives to do one’s best is the norm

• To support potential elite sportsmen to ensure they have clear pathways to achieve representative level.

We are developing:

- Preparatory School links to recruit the best sportsmen at 13+
- Links with universities and clubs for post 18 sport in order that boys can achieve at a high level.

It is essential that we develop all 20+ sports so that each boy has equal exposure to all options. The Sports Coaching Fund is helping to develop the coaching levels in the sports that are not currently funded. It is also enhancing other areas of coaching so it can work to the elite level of sport that the boys are now achieving. Conditioning coaching is also crucial, as the boys need to be in the right physical shape to compete in current sport at a significant level.

With so many benefits to the development of sport at Sherborne both broadly and at a specialist level, we hope you are able to support the Sports Coaching Fund and contribute to the future of sport at Sherborne.

Please click here if you would like to support the Sports Coaching Fund with a single or a regular donation online, alternatively, please contact Adrian Ballard, Head of the Foundation on 01935 810554 or email for further details.


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