Sponsors' Words about Good Writing Festival

In the words of two of The Sherborne Sessions' first naming sponsors ...

(L-R) Martyn Leggett, Documentary speaker Xander Brinkworth and Justin Douglas

Martyn Leggett (h, 1971)

Representing Main Sponsor The Charles Skey Charitable Trust

"I am delighted that the Charles Skey Charitable Trust has been able to support the Sherborne Sessions as the support and encouragement of youth is one of the areas we wish to promote. The varied programme will have been inspirational, not only to those wishing to pursue a career in literature or the arts but will also, I trust, have encouraged all, wherever their career take them, to maintain engagement with literature and the arts which will result in a more complete, rounded and fulfilling life.”

Justin Douglas (h, 1989)

"I really enjoyed supporting & attending the Sherborne Sessions.  It is so important that pupils can learn about areas in which they may wish to build their future careers.  I was delighted that I could support a topic about which I feel passionate, namely, Documentaries.  The Sherborne Sessions gave me this chance: I thoroughly recommend getting involved."

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